Book List

The following lists of publishers and books are provided as a convenience for the Stoa Arizona families. Stoa Arizona does not endorse, nor is it responsible for the content of the following resources.

Publishers who sell books and “sourcebooks” about speech and debate:

Ethos Debate

Cog Debate

The Great Debate

Dominate Debate

Monument Publishing


Speech and Debate Book List

Starting a Speech and Debate Club

It Takes a Parent: A Teaching Guide for the First Time Parent/Coach by Diana Stollar  and Coaching Policy Debate: Transitioning from a Debate Class to a Debate Club, by Terry, DEarnne, and Ryan Stollar information at:;  The Homeschool Magazine Review:

Team Policy Debate

An Introduction to Team Policy Debate, by Christy Shipe

Argumentation and Debate: Taking the Next Step, by Christy Shipe

Argumentation and Debate, by Austin J. Freeley

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Lincoln Douglas Value Debate Curriculum, by Rachel Welch and Brittany McGehee

Parli Debate
Art, Argument and Advocacy: Mastering Parlimentary Debate, by Shuster, Kate and Meany, John.

Speech Events
The Art of Apologetics – by Karen Kovaka

The Art of Interpretation – by Nick Ellege

The Art of Platform Speaking – by Michele Hop

As I was Saying, by Thane Rehn – A Guide to the World of Competitive Speech (out of print

Split Second Thinking, by Zac Floweree  (impromptu)

Thorns Have Roses: A Resource for Impromptu Speaking, by Thomas Gowen

The Extemporaneous Handbook, by Anna Crowson